Monday, July 29, 2013

treading water

My apologies. Because the clock is ticking (for press purposes I've already had to name the work: "With A Little Help From Our Friends", though it as yet remains largely unwritten) I've had to hunker down and get serious about composing my interactive crowd-CYOA song for the accordion festival in September. I really need a fire lit under me since it not only needs to be composed by mid-September, but the band also needs a chance to rehearse it and its 30 sections (yielding, basically, a 6-step bifurcating Cave of Time.)


So even mostly-complete conversions for this blog have hit the back burner as my gamebook time is at a premium. Hopefully by October I'll have the fruit of my labours to share with you here however. In the meantime, I have just found another CYOA-themed song, albeit a non-interactive one, which I will here share with you:

Additionally, for your hyperfiction playing needs, I can endorse two excellent "recent" Twine works which will run neatly through your web browser and dovetail uncannily with my own interests and preoccupations: Depression Quest and Cherry Creek. Choose on!